About Gotcha

What is Gotcha?

GotchaTag is just like a regular game of tag, but with a cool twist: You tag your friends is by taking their picture, and submitting the photo into our cutting edge facial recgonition software.

How do you play Gotcha?

Gotcha is very simple to use and fun to play. To get started, check over our rules and create an account. You'll need to verify your email address. Afterwords, go to the 'My Account' page. There, you can add friends to your list. You can also create a new game and invite your friends to join. Once everyone is in, the creator of the game starts it up by pressing the button and the game begins.

In order to take a picture of someone and upload it, all you need to do is hit the 'Take Picture' button. On that page, you can choose a photo you have, or take a photo right then and there. Once your photo is in, hit the 'Upload' button at the bottom. Then go to your account page. The photo will be there for you to click. Click the 'Fix' button to choose the game it belongs in, and which person the photo is of. Then you've just tagged your first person.


Create Game (Invite friends if you so please) > Launch Game > Take Picture > Upload > My Account > Incomplete Submissions > Select Image > Fix > Select Game and User > Done

What modes are on Gotcha?

There are currently 3 modes that you can play on Gotcha tag.

  1. Traditional Tag - If you're it and you tag someone, they are now it.
  2. Zombie - Someone starts out as the only zombie, and people that are tagged become zombies.
  3. Assassin - Everyone is assgined someone else as a target. When people are tagged, they are disabled and no longer part of the game. Once someone 'assassinates' someone, they get assigned a new target until no one else is left.

Who runs Gotcha?

The legendary hockey coach from Gilmour Academy, Mr. Malloy, has an LLC called MB Hockey which owns Gotcha Tag. You should note that by participating in this early version of GotchaTag, you are complying with our rules stated in the Terms and Privacy.

Who made Gotcha?

Gotcha was made by past and present students at Gilmour Academy, as well as our Computer Science teacher, Mr. Adiletta. It all started when Mr. Malloy had an idea.


This is Version 0.0.1, the early release of Gotcha Tag. We have so many ideas to implement into the website for the future. Even though you can't see these features, we are currently making this game more fun, enjoyable, and intuitive.